Food and Wine Matches

Wine has had a long history of being served with just the right food. To help you take the guess work out of it we’ve matched up our Award Winning Wines with some of our favorite foods. Bon appetit!

Southern Red

Smooth & bursting full of fruit, this light bodied wine derives its unique flavor from the Noble variety of Muscadine grape. A true balance of aromas with a refreshing aftertaste. Serve lightly chilled with rich desserts & cheese. Contains 6.0% residual sugar.

Food Matches: Pasta & red sauce, Barbecue, Pizza, Game

Similar Wines: None

Lamb chops with pomegranate relish

Southern White

A smooth flavorful distinct white wine that expresses cream aromas and full fruit. This wine finishes slightly sweet like the Muscadine grape. A perfect match with cheeses, fresh fruit and rich desserts. Contains 6.0% residual sugar.

Food Matches: Fresh fruit, Spicy chicken

Similar Wines: Riesling (Late Harvest)

Spice rubbed chicken breast


Rich in aroma and fruit flavor, this light crisp and refreshing wine embodies the radiant hue of a Florida sunset; a blend of different Muscadine grapes done in a blush style. Try it with a wide variety of finger foods, rice dishes and pasta. Contains 3.5% residual sugar.

Food Matches: Ham, Finger foods

Similar Wines: White Zinfandel, Rosé

Duck breast with Sunblush sauce


A skillful blend of traditional Florida Muscadine grape varieties offers up a delicate yet aromatic bouquet of fruit that finishes semi-dry to the senses. Popular pairing with shellfish, cream sauces and poultry. Contains 2.0% residual sugar.

Food Matches: Chicken (fried),Pasta in cream, Chinese food

Similar Wines: White Riesling, Gewurztraminer

Dijon grilled chicken with grilled corn

Cabernet Sauvignon

Lakeridge Winery`s Cabernet Sauvignon encompasses a medium bodied finish with rich deep color and a hint of oak – when served with rich marbled meats and Italian dishes this wine pairs perfectly.

Food Matches: Meat, Pasta dishes

Pork tenderloin with mixed vegetables


Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards’ Chardonnay offers a classically smooth and refreshing medium bodied white wine that is intended to pair with chicken, seafood or sharp cheese, or just sipping and relaxing.

Food Matches: Shellfish, Seafood, vegetable dishes, Chicken (grilled)

Seared tuna with sundried tomato sauce

Pink Crescendo

Crafted using the traditional METHODE CHAMPENOISE. This refreshing pink sparkling wine is wonderfully structured serving up lots of fruit, firm acidity and long aftertaste. A delight for special occasions or just relaxing. Try it with a rich dessert. Contains 5.0% residual sugar.

Food Matches: Fresh fruit, Chocolate anything, Other desserts

Similar Wines: Asti Spumante

Shrimp with sweet cream tomato sauce

Proprietor’s Reserve

A masterful blend of the Noble and Carlos varieties of the Muscadine grape; blended into a dessert-style table wine. You may notice an intense burst of delicious fruit on the palate. Enjoy it after dinner, sip slowly to savor the sweet richness of this exceptionally smooth wine. Contains 8.0% residual sugar.

Food Matches: Pasta & red sauce, Barbecue, Pizza, Game

Similar Wines: None

Poached pears with wine and fruit confetti